Creative Industry Platform

The final event, crowning the 1st Interdisciplinary Biennale "Kultura Futura" will be the unique culmination of a 6-week exhibition of awarded works selected in an international competition held during the Biennale. It will be a unique opportunity to:

  • sum up all conclusions 
  • exchange reflections with 100 industry representatives
  • meet artists who use VR, AR, XR technologies, and other innovative solutions for the visual future in their practices and strategies

At Małopolska Garden of Arts there will be a discussion panel with the academic community, groups of professionals, moderators, and members gathered at the vortal Futura culture. The latest achievements in science, business, industry, IT, and medicine will be covered. We will combine the world of artistic, futuristic visions with specific achievements in the field of creative industries, hence starting to build lasting relationships between culture, science, and business. The event will take place on 28 November at the Malopolska Garden of Arts.

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