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Kultura Futura Ukraina


Do we still have the climate for a climate war?

Successive disasters show that the stability and security of the modern world is a colossus on clay legs. Is the war in Ukraine another incarnation of the climate crisis?


Kultura Futura Świt - resume

W Małopolskim Ogrodzie sztuki trwa właśnie wystawa podsumowująca współprace ponad 20 organizacji, które działały na rzecz społeczności ukraińskiej.


Kultura Futura Nauka


Journa(y/l) #2

We gladly inform you that each society that cares for culture can count on its support. It has a right to demand so.



The Juliusz Słowacki Theatre in Cracow announces the call for applications for the main competition of the Biennale Kultura Futura 2023. The competition's theme is the idea of "e-POLIS - the city of the future".


Prawo do kultury

In a world full of global challenges, culture is often at the bottom of the list of priorities. However, a country regarding culture as too expensive quickly finds out how much its lack can cost.



Kultura Futura e-POLIS


Journa(y)l - City of future

The 6 extraordinary strokes of the future - we can already use them in our cities.



Water in the city

The issue of water in the city is getting more and more attention since the "High Water" series premiere. Has water management changed enough to prevent the repeat of events from Wrocław?



The City of Data

E-polis empowers citizens through data. By gathering information about the problems, one can respond to the citizens’ needs with unprecedented accuracy. Through this conversation with Anna Trawniska, we will see how this relates to health in the city


The cities of music

How can citizens establish the city of the future by developing musical culture in their city?


e-POLIS - City of the future

According to the UN’s research, 75% of people will live in cities till 2050. Are cities ready for so many inhabitants? How to build new cities, which would keep up with their citizens’ needs? 


Announcing Kultura Futura Biennale 2023

The inauguration of preparations for the Kultura Futura Biennale took place on October 21, 2022, at the J. Słowacki Theatre in Cracow. The theme of the upcoming edition will be "e-POLIS" - reflections on the city of the future.