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Installations and the thoughts locked in them - Sidey Myoo

Kultura Futura The future of theatre

The interactivity of digital art installations creates new spaces of expression. Once carbon on the wall - now code on a microprocessor controlling mechanisms.


We invite you to listen to a conversation with Professor Michal (Sidey Myoo) Ostrowicki. Together, we reflect on the position of digital art (ArsElectronica) in contemporary culture. Will the combination of matter and code become the new norm, or will it remain an avant-garde that is about to be supplanted by other technologies?


We talk about the possibilities and limitations of this technology with a lecturer from the Jagiellonian University in Krakow, who is one of the creators of the first university in Poland to operate in VR - Academia Electronica. We will talk about where and how to interact with such culture. Together we will consider for whom it can be more accessible. Together, we'll try to identify what kind of future artists and corporations are leading us to, and what kind of future we ourselves would like to aspire to.

[The conversation is held in Polish].



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For six weeks(18.10-28.11), you can visit the extraordinary VR exhibition presenting the work of artists from all over the world. For more information, visit the theatre's website. The biennale will also feature side events that will take a closer look at issues related to artificial intelligence, bio-mimicry or augmented reality. Find out more on programme page.