Zdjęcie z otwarcia Kultury Futury. Na zdjęciu: Krzysztof Głuchowski, Arkadiusz Klej, Aleksander Janicki

Announcing Kultura Futura Biennale 2023

Kultura Futura e-POLIS

The inauguration of preparations for the Kultura Futura Biennale took place on October 21, 2022, at the J. Słowacki Theatre in Cracow. The theme of the upcoming edition will be "e-POLIS" - reflections on the city of the future.


The inauguration of the theater's new project - "Biennale Kultura Futura" - a holistic initiative that invites you to reflect on the present day using art practices and strategies and new technologies - such as VR / AR. It builds a dialogue between representatives of interdisciplinary fields. Krzysztof Głuchowski (theatre director), Aleksander Janicki (artistic curator of the project), and Arkadiusz Klej (editor-in-chief of the project) told the invited media about the upcoming event.

The solemn inauguration of the opening of the innovative project ended with evening mapping by Alek Janicki with music by Maria Anna Janicka, attracting crowds. This multimedia work used the potential of the Big DADA GENERATOR instrument, which processes the image in real-time.

As part of the Biennale, there will be an international competition dedicated to works in the VR / AR area. The best works will be presented at the Małopolska Garden of Arts during the official Creative Industry Platform and in digital form thanks to augmented reality and virtual reality.

The theme of the first Biennale is e-Polis - the city of the future. The discussion about the city will constantly intertwine between the issues of the month appearing on the newly created vortal, thus creating a platform for views exchange and discussions.

The strategic partner of Kultura Futura is Carte Blanche - a Norwegian contemporary dance group that will come to Cracow for an artistic residency. More information about the planned activities within the framework of Kultura Futura can be found on the project website.

Kultura Futura. The Interdisciplinary Biennale of Art and Technology of the Future is a project co-financed from the "Culture" Programme, Action 2 "Improving access to culture and art" under the EEA FM 2014-2021.


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For six weeks(18.10-28.11), you can visit the extraordinary VR exhibition presenting the work of artists from all over the world. For more information, visit the theatre's website. The biennale will also feature side events that will take a closer look at issues related to artificial intelligence, bio-mimicry or augmented reality. Find out more on programme page.