Carte Blanche

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One of the main partners of  "Kultura Futura"  is Carte Blanche - the Norwegian national contemporary dance group - often referred to as a precursor of innovation, presentation, and dance development. Its exciting and unique repertoire is recognized and admired in the international area.

Carte Blanche was founded in 1989 in Bergen, which is still its headquarters area. It is a public cultural institution belonging to the Ministry of Culture of Norway, Hordaland County Council, and the City of Bergen. 12-15 dancers of different nationalities are members of the Carte Blanche art team, which is why the group conducts many international projects such as the co-production of performances. The Norwegian Contemporary Dance Society aims to support, produce and present innovative artistic practices in contemporary dance and choreography in Norway and abroad. It willingly promotes choreographers and dancers who express their critical view on the social construct through dance.


As part of the 1st edition of the Interdisciplinary Biennale of Future Art and Technology, the Norwegian group Carte Blanche will present the performance 'Game' on the Krakow stage in the Malopolska Garden of Art. The show will take place on 18 October and will be combined with the opening of the event. The performance combines elements of contemporary dance and audiovisual performance. It is an innovative project combining the real and virtual worlds, exemplifying the use of new technologies in choreographic work. GAME' is an innovative dance performance addressed to young people and is a combination of a scientific lecture and a dance theatre performance. The performance tells a science-fiction story about the journey of the first man to the Teegarden star system to the new Earth 2.0. During the flight, an unfortunate accident occurs, as a result of which the astronaut has to undergo a multidimensional repair, which is an opportunity to analyse the functioning of human consciousness. An original project by Dawid Lorenc attempting to combine art, science and entertainment, in a small-format performance prepared for presentations as part of Den Kulturelle Skulesekke - the Norwegian national programme for the presentation of art in schools. The performance 'Game' will be accessible to people with visual and hearing disabilities (audiodescription and subtitles). Tickets are available on the website of the Juliusz Słowacki Theatre in Krakow.

Carte Blanche artistic residencies in Krakow are planned. During performances, the audience will learn about the art techniques used by Carte Blanche artists. During the residency, there will be workshops for actors who will exchange their know-how about practices and experiences of implementing new technologies on stage.