Journa(y)l #7 - education

Kultura Futura Education

What's new in the world of education? Are we ripe for a revolution in school systems? What are we already talking about openly? What tools are we using for learning? 


This month, we are focusing on education, which is both one of the most important foundations of our society and a key factor in crystallising the future.  Every generation passes through the same education system. However, in the face of a rapidly changing world - rapid technological, economic and social changes that affect the demands placed on individuals - education must evolve. How is it at present? Are we slowly getting up from the school desks and learning in practice? 

Is sex education still a taboo subject? 
I think most of us still remember those embarrassing PE (family life education) classes in primary school. Has much changed since then? How can we educate in an accessible way about such important topics as sexuality, carnality, the acculturation of one's body? Is SEX still a taboo subject for us as a society? What initiatives educate about sexuality in Poland?

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Education in art schools - how to prepare for intimate scenes - an interview with Adrianna Malecka
Until recently, every student at a drama school had heard the text - "actor tractor" - and lived with the awareness that on stage you have to do whatever the director asks. Nowadays, as a result of numerous (comming out) bullying in art schools, a revolution is taking place. As part of Change Now - a programme bringing together European theatre and performance schools - the premiere of Ada Malecka's publication on intimacy in the acting profession took place.  How to prepare for intimate scenes? How to break stereotypes? How to cooperate with the intimacy coordinator on set? And what exercises to do with a partner before the scene when such professional help is missing? These are the questions answered by Ada Malecka. We invite you to read more.  

Education in the cloud 

If we want to get our children away from the standard seat in the school desk, a good alternative is Cloud School! What is School in the Cloud? It is an innovative teaching model whereby students gain knowledge through a special educational platform. So students do not go to school, everything is done online. They complete the core curriculum on their own, taking various tests and answering open questions. It is worth noting that School in the Cloud has been operating since 2015 and has infected as many as 14,560 users with a passion for individual learning! 
We cordially invite you to take a look at the offer :) 

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For six weeks(18.10-28.11), you can visit the extraordinary VR exhibition presenting the work of artists from all over the world. For more information, visit the theatre's website. The biennale will also feature side events that will take a closer look at issues related to artificial intelligence, bio-mimicry or augmented reality. Find out more on programme page.